Parents pay online, the money goes to your bank account.

XSchoolPay is a solution that connects your school to its bank, allowing parents to pay your fees by mobile payment or bank payment.

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Subscribe to the XSchoolPay service with your bank and get a payment management platform for your school.

Contact your bank and ask for the XSchoolPay service read Cross School Pay. You will be given a code to create your payment management platform.


From this platform, the school sends its payment requests (invoices) to the Eska mobile application. Each parent receives and can pay immediately using mobile payment or bank payment. Either way, the money is deposited in your school's bank account.

The platform indicates the payment status.

Once your platform is activated, parents receive invoices on Eska mobile application and are constantly reminded of the deadline. All you have to do is import the list of classrooms and students in a few minutes, and then configure the expected payments.

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Experiences that mean much.

Paul Duval Egbe, co-founder GSB Rosemary

We adopted XSchoolPay from the start, eliminating the work of checking bank receipts and the need to remind parents of pending payments, while still tracking financial data. The staff can now concentrate on more relevant tasks.

-GSB Rosemary

Save energy, time, and money for the parents and for yourself.

Did you know that a school has an average of between 6,000 and 12,000 paper receipts to process each year? This requires hiring someone to check them, space, and amenities to store them.

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Eliminate the work of verifying bank receipts and compare it to the bank report.

Better than Excel sheets, access your accounting via a dashboard and smart filters.

Reduce the payment cycle from days to minutes. The payment cycle goes from when the parent is notified of a new invoice until the school is aware of their settlement.

Eliminate the need to remind parents of pending payments with paper notices. This process will be replaced by the automatic reminder which sends a simple notification on the application.

Get started on XSchoolPay with your school. It's free !

Send your fees to Eska mobile app so parents can pay them directly from there! First, connect with your bank for free and to get the service working for your school.

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