Job offer: International consultant offer

Eska Africa Vega Program Recruitment of 3750 Consultant Parents
Location:  Online
Deadline:  20-March-2024
Time left:  39d 11h 29m
Type of Contract:  Individual Contract
Post Level:  Parent Consultant
Languages Required:  English | French
Starting Date:  15-May-2024
Duration of Initial Contract:  12 months
Expected Duration:  90 days

Eska is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality, and culture. People from minority groups, indigenous groups, and people with disabilities are also encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

1. Context and justifications

With the advent of digital technology in the 20th century, humanity is facing a unprecedented revolution in history, which is somehow similar to that of writing.

Digital technology has brought about a profound transformation of society in all its aspects, including learning. School on the other hand, as an institution has remained fairly unchanged in time, both in the approach and in the textbooks used.

With the event of COVID-19 and its propensity at the beginning of 2020, we have seen in the West, although with a very marked lockdown, that there was less disruption in transmission of teaching. This because the environment had a certain amount of infrastructure to deal with it. On the other hand, in sub-saharan Africa, where the infrastructures are less developed, the break in the dispensation of lessons has been felt much more.

This unprecedented context that the planet is facing since the appearance of COVID-19 reminds us that there might be even more violent pandemic forcing this type of restriction.

It is therefore urgent to propose hybrid learning material that is close to current models while taking into account the possibility of a break in traditional education. Those hybrids learning material are new kinds of textbooks that integrate ICT.

UNESCO also says in these lines: "" Textbooks development: The Education 2030 agenda re-affirms the importance of providing opportunities to reach Global Citizenship Education, which includes the design of inclusive learning environments and the contents of the curriculum… ""

The full article via the link: https://en.unesco.org/themes/gced/textbooks

It is for these reasons that Eska Africa is launching the Vega program, which mission is to create new hybrid textbooks that are more inclusive of parents and technology. Eska Africa through this program is hiring 3 750 parent consultants across major linguistic areas of the continent, i.e. 2000 in the English-speaking area, 1500 in the French-speaking area, and 250 in the Portuguese-speaking area.

2. Objective

The objective of the Vega program is the design and production of hybrid textbooks which aim to replace current textbooks by 2035.

In addition, these textbooks are intended to arouse the interest of the parent so that they become more involved in the didactic support of their child during his school career.

3. Mission of the parent consultant

Under the supervision of the Vega program team leaders, the consultant will have to take part in the scheduled online sessions and prepare the expected documents. For this, the consultant will have an online board on which the tasks will be deposited by his manager before each session.

For the consultant, this will actually be a work in three (3) stages as follows:

  • Surveys carried out through a documentary review and the experience of the consultant in the field
  • Actual content writing
  • Report on the assessment of the pilot phase on the field with parents and students who are assigned to the program.
  • For the first two (2) missions, it will be:

  • Get to know the specifications for the process of writing end-of-mission reports
  • Report after brainstorming sessions (Precisely on school follow-up and parental attention)

4. Conditions

A pre-selection will start by the beginning of April 2024 and the final selection will be in 15th May 2024.
Conditions to be selected as a parent consultant:

  • Have at least one (1) dependent child enrolled in a school that complies with the laws in force of the state offices in charge of Education in the country where you reside;
  • Follow up at least 1 child on Eska, the follow-up must be focused on at least one science subject and one non-science subject;
  • Regularly rate the teachers of these subjects;
  • Be professional and comfortable with inclusive collaboration;
  • Be professional and comfortable with inclusive collaboration;
  • Have computer skills in MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Powerpoint;
  • Be available to start immediately after selection;
  • Be willing to travel to the different countries where the Vega program holds its onsite meetings.

5. Duration and remuneration

  1. Duration of consultation
  2. The total duration of the Vega program is one (1) year and may extend beyond. The consultant is recruited for a period of 3 months renewable.

  3. Earnings
    1. Amount of Consulting itself
    2. The consultant is paid between 1800 USD and 2400 USD per month depending on the discipline taught, tasks, and quality of the work delivered. The Vega program does not cover any insurance and the consultant is responsible for paying the taxes according to the regulation in his country of residence

    3. License fee
    4. Eska will redistribute 10% of the sales generated by the marketing of the manuals to all the consultants in proportion to their respective work.

    5. Fallback payment
    6. Since not everyone can be selected, Eska has provided a mechanism to ensure that everyone's participation remains profitable. Thus, each candidate teacher earns 60% of the monthly income generated by the payment of parents who have requested their child's follow-up services on the Eska mobile application throughout the pre-selection period.

      Whether you are selected or not, you also benefit from the support that allows you to optimize your earnings on Eska.

6. Certification

At the end of the program, the consultant receives a certificate that gives him access to participation in various Eska programs around the world and to promote his skills everywhere.

Step 1 : Eska Caring Parent Certificate

This certificate is dedicated to parents whose children have obtained more than 70% on the mark of the teacher evaluation on the Eska mobile application.

Step 2 : Eska Educational Content Analyst Certificate

This certificate is exclusively issued to parents who have participated in the Vega program until its end and whose contents were used in the final textbooks.